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The famous Hino, official name Hino Motors, Ltd, is a famous automobile company pf Japan. Japan is the major exporter of automobiles in the world, most recently taken over by china. But nonetheless, when it comes to automobile industry Japan is a big name. The company is most known to make commercial vehicles like buses and trucks. Their trucks and buses are the most reliable and durable, as far as the comfort is concern, they are the very best when it comes to a comfortable ride and transport. When it comes to heavy and medium duty trucks the company is ahead of all others. Even when there is need of Japanese used bus and Japanese used trucks Hino is preferred.

Hino is one of the 16 companies that comes under Toyota. Initially Hino started in 1910 as Tokyo Gas Industry Company. By the end of 1912 the company was swallowed by Tokyo Gas. Soon after they started dealing with electronic parts as well, so the names changed to Tokyo Gas and Electric Industry.

1917 was the year they started producing, its first vehicle was a truck. In 1937 the company emerged as Diesel Motor Industry Co. and eventually the name changed to Isuzu Motors Limited. After all these twists and turns in 1942 a new entity was born by the name of Hino Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. The productions of Hino were used in the World War II. As the trucks were manufactured for the used of army only, they had to halt the production at the end of the war and also according to the marine treaty has to take the word “heavy “out of its company name.

After the war the Hino Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. Was formally named “Hino Industry Co., Ltd”. The aim was to create the most reliable heavy-duty buses, trucks and trailers. The name Hino hails from Hino-shi which is the city where the company headquarters are, in Japan.

They used all tactics to attract the consumer, one of those tactics were to add the tag “diesel” to its name and make it Hino Diesel Industry Co., Ltd. The heavy-duty truck that was named TH10, was produced in 1950, which was equipped with an engine that had a 7-liter capacity.

After that the Hino never looked back, they started manufacturing cars, and started building up its reputation in the cars industry. They produced their Renaults 1953 and Contessa 900 sedan in 1961. They also produced their pickup truck in the same year as well with the title Hino Briska. But this experiment was short lived, and by 1963 the went back to building commercial vehicles under Toyota group.

Hino trucks and buses

Their trucks and buses have created a very reliable name in the commercial vehicle industry of Japan. in addition to that the whole world imports Hino commercial trucks and buses, new and used as well. countries like India, Pakistan Africa imports Japanese used bus as well as Japanese used trucks.

The secret behind Hino’s success is its brilliant generosity, reinforced and backed by its progressive safety and care performance. Its goal is to make the passenger experience the most comfortable ride of his or her life, while in the Hino buses, they aim to make people spend a relaxing time in the classy space of Hino productions. To them quality is comfort. At Hino motors they believe that if you need to measure the quality if any vehicle you can do so by checking the comfort of any ride.


All in all, the Hino Motors is the best when it comes to choose a brand new or importing Japanese used bus or Japanese used trucks.