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Kubota: What You Can Expect From Their Japanese Machinery

It is a famous company that has contributed to Solar Ark’s construction and popular manufacturers of heavy equipment’s like tractors. This post is about an idea of the Japanese machinery from the brand Kubota!

The company produces many items, like cast metal, pipe, pumps, valves, and vending machines. The brand also makes equipment for air conditioning, sewage treatment, and water purification. Till now, the company has experience in making factory and commercial equipment from the past 130 years.

It was founded back in the year 1890, and their headquarters are located in Osaka, Japan. The brand name is taken from its founder, i.e., Gonshiro Kubota. Before 1897, it was known as Oide foundry.

You can find a big list of their products and services crafted for lifestyle (machinery for domestic purposes). Also, related to water (both downstream and upstream water solutions). And, from food needs (Japanese vehicles or equipment like rice transplanter, and tractor).

3 Well-Known Offerings from the House of Kubota

Let us have an outlook at the lineup of its products;

1) Utility Vehicles

This category of machines includes vehicles that are made to perform well on off-roads or rough terrains. So, they are fit to be used on parks, industrial sites, farms, construction sites, and much more.

Currently, you can get different models of cabs, utility vehicles with two to four seating options. They are available in both gasoline and diesel options like Japanese used cars.

2) Tractors

The very first farm tractors of the brand were launched in 1960. Now you can find many models in this category of their vehicles ranging from small to large size to meet the needs of scales and applications. You can also find tractor-mounted implements from them to ease specific farming tasks like harrowing, and plowing.

Their agricultural tractors are loaded with modern Japanese machinery and technology. They are much capable of maintaining manoeuvrability, performance, and heavy traction needs. At present, Kubota is offering BX, B, L, and M series to choose one.

3) Rice Transplanter and Combine Harvester

They have products focused on rice farming to make it more efficient, faster, and reduce the need for labour. The brand combined modern technology with their rice farming vehicles. They have refined engines that they are producing from more than 50 years.

At present, you can get a wide variety of vehicles in this category that can help farmers much to transplant as well as reap corn, barley, rice and more. The list of their current models includes SPW-68C, DC-105X, PRO1108, SPV-8C, PRO988Q-Q, and PRO1408Y.

In addition to the above three, you can also find their offerings in other categories. It includes Ductile Iron Pipes, Weighing & Measurement Control Systems, and Turf Equipment.

You can also find items based on Pumps, Valves, Membrane Solutions, and Materials. Also, some are from Plant Engineering & Environmental Equipment, Wastewater Treatment Plant, and more.

Final Thoughts

Depending on your budget and need you can either go for their new or check the market to explore some great deals on used Kubota Japanese farm tractors. After all, most of us are familiar with it, who do the same for a used car from Japan!

Not to forget the brand is well known to produce engines both spark engine forms or gasoline and diesel ranging from 0.2 liters to 6.1 liters. They design both liquid and air-cooled engines, forced induction, and naturally-aspirated.

The configurations of the cylinder ranging from single to inline six, the most common are from single to four cylinders. These engines are used for many of their Japanese vehicles. It comprises in marine propulsion, tractors, construction and agricultural machines.