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Massey Ferguson: What you should know about them

It is a famous brand all over the world in producing farming types of machinery like Japanese farm tractors and more. Yes, this post will give you a brief about how Massey Ferguson is a premium well-renowned tractor producers from the past century. The name is inspired by its founder, i.e. Daniel Massey, a farmer and producer of agricultural equipment’s.

The brand is American manufacture of agricultural machinery and equipment. It is a merge of North Ireland’s Ferguson Company and Canada’s Massey Harris back in 1953. The brand is also known to offer financial services and different kinds of commercial and consumer equipment.

Till 1988 the headquarters of Massey Ferguson was based on Brantford, Ontario. But, later in 1997, it was moved to Buffalo, New York and now in Duluth, Georgia, US, since AGCO acquires it.

Many compelling reasons make Massey Ferguson a smart pick among others in both new and used sales. It is especially for those who are looking for economic modern farming machines like many Japanese used cars and vehicles.

By the way, their machines are rich in advanced technology, great features, and Mileage. The brand has reformed the way agricultural landscapes were treated traditionally. Overall, eases the process of doing farming in many countries of the world.

How are Massey Ferguson tractors one among the most selling agricultural machines?

Here are some more causes behind the popularity of the brand all over the globe;

  • - High level of after-sales customer support and service.
  • - Their machines are loaded with unique and latest electronic control system.
  • - Big distribution network spread in more than 100 countries.

7 Varieties of Japanese Vehicles for Different Consumer Needs

Following are the kinds of machines and equipment currently producing by Massey Ferguson;

  • 1) Tractors – Currently, they are building about 12 different models of tractors ranging from 19.5 HP to 135 HP. So no need to compromise with the less available number of choices if you are planning to buy a tractor machine within a fixed horsepower range.

  • 2) Balers – There are about eight different models of balers to choose one. It includes Small Square, fixed chamber, large square, variable chamber, bale & wrap. You can also choose from trailed round, and trailed wrapper with rounded bale.

  • 3) Materials Handlers – You can get a Telehandler or Loader to lift the stuff ranging from 1350kg to 2000+kg.

  • 4) Implement – A good list of choices to match up with different needs of agriculture. It has mouldboard ploughs, disc harrows, subsoilers, fixed disc ploughs, and trailer & transport boxes.

  • 5) Combine Harvesters – Massey Ferguson offers this kind of machines in four different choices. The names are Activa, Activa S, Beta and Ideal under their MF series of harvesters. The power ranges from 176 HP to 647 HP.

  • 6) Hay & Forage – You can choose from windrowers, rotary rakes, tedders, and mowers with different specifications. They come under different series to make your job get done.

  • 7) Planters – These machines are available in six different options, MF 100, 200, 300, 400, 500 and 700. They come with varying widths of working (ranging from 0.8m to 8.1m) and the number of rows (covering from 2 to 26) available at present!

Since from 1847, Massey Ferguson has introduced its various innovations like world-class tractors in the market. You can find many practical and powerful machines of it in the used Japanese vehicles sector like any famous manufacturer of a car from japan.