2013/2015 MAZDA DEMIO

DEMIO is a compact car manufactured and sold by Mazda until 2019. Vehicle classifications are classified into subcompact cars in North America and B segments in Europe. Mazda2 was named after the second generation outside Japan, but in the Japanese market, from the fourth generation partially improved model to be released on September 12, 2019, the model is exclusively for use in Japan. The pet name has been abolished and the car name has been unified to "MAZDA2" as outside Japan.

3rd generation DE (2007-2014)

The line was changed from the first and second generation "general-purpose minivan" concept to a general compact hatchback style that shifted its focus to the European market. The previous model used the Mazda DY platform (Ford B1 platform) developed by Ford, but used the Mazda DE platform (Ford B3 platform) developed by Mazda to reduce the size and weight.

While competing models are taking the route of increasing body size and accompanying weight throughout the entire car, the overall width is slightly larger at 1,695 mm and it is full of 5 number sizes, but the overall length is 3,885-3,895 mm, the overall height is 1,475 mm, the vehicle He also talked about the 970-1,070 kg weight, which was slightly smaller and lighter than the second generation. The company also announced the installation of a 1,300cc Miller cycle engine, the first since Millenia (Eunos 800). CVT is also adopted, and fuel economy in 10/15 mode is 23km / L.

4th generation DJ (2014-)

The exterior is reconstructed from the design theme "Soul of Motion" to fit the compact car, and large-diameter tires are placed at the four corners as far as possible under the theme of a skeleton with an explosive forward feeling due to the condensation and release of energy. The body size is 160 mm longer than the predecessor model, 4,060 mm, and the wheelbase is 80 mm longer, 2,570 mm. The overall height was 25mm for 2WD vehicles and 50mm higher for 4WD vehicles, and was 1,500mm / 1,525mm, respectively, but the overall width was 1,695mm, the same size as the third generation, maintaining the 5-number size. The LED headlamp, which was introduced in some grades from the late third generation, became a 4-lamp design with a sharp look of wild animals, and the signature wing was a three-dimensional model with a lively expression and a sense of life Become. Also, the "MAZDA" logo emblem, which was equipped on the rear left side until the 3rd generation, disappeared, and the car name emblem was changed from "Demio" to "DEMIO" and moved from the rear right side to the rear left side. The "SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY" emblem has been installed since the 3rd generation, but the "XD" series of diesel vehicles are equipped with the "SKYACTIV-D" emblem that has a red "D" on the right.

For the interior, the front tires are located 80 mm ahead of the third generation, realizing a layout with a pedal where the driver naturally extends his legs, and an organ pedal adopted as an accelerator pedal. In addition, the seat slide amount is secured 260mm so that the optimum driving position can be obtained, and the steering is equipped with tilt and telescopic adjustment functions of 45mm up and down and 50mm back and forth. At the same time, the front pillar was retracted 80mm from the third generation to secure a wide front view. The cockpit places top priority on safety, and the display system and operating devices are roughly divided into the zone that manages "information necessary for running" directly related to driving in the front seat space and the other zone that manages "communication information" It adopted the "Heads-up Cockpit" concept, and also adopted the MAZDA CONNECT car connectivity system adopted by the third-generation Axela. Due to the adoption of Mazda Connect, 2DIN size navigation cannot be installed.However, in the 4th generation Demio, an audio-less specification car is installed to install JVC Kenwood navigation (Mazda Smart Navigation) as a dealer option in some grades. The interior features satin chrome, glossy color panels, carbon tones, leather, and stitching. The interior colors are available in four different colors and materials, such as instrument panels, consoles, and door armrests.

In addition to the gasoline engine, a newly developed diesel engine was installed. The gasoline engine will be upgraded from the "P3-VPS" 1.3L direct-injection gasoline engine "SKYACTIV-G 1.3", which was installed in the middle of the previous model, and installed on all 1.3L models. The maximum output is improved by 8PS (6kW), and is increased to 92PS (68kW), and the maximum torque is increased by 0.9kgfm (9Nm) to 12.3kgfm (121Nm). The ZJ-VE, ZJ-VEM 1.3L gasoline engine and ZY-VE 1.5L gasoline engine that were installed in the previous model have been abolished. At the time of product improvement in August 2018, 1.5L was replaced with a "P5-VPS" model with an increased displacement.

The "15MB" added in September 2015 is equipped with a "P5-VPS" type 1.5L direct injection gasoline engine "SKYACTIV-G 1.5". The new diesel engine adopts the "S5-DPTS" 1.5L diesel turbo "SKYACTIV-D 1.5". The AT car exhibits a high torque of 250 Nm (maximum torque of the MT car is 220 Nm), comparable to a 2.5 L gasoline engine car, and the MTC is the highest level among registered cars except hybrid cars JC08 Mode fuel economy of 30.0km / L has been achieved. If the AT model of the "XD Touring" or "XD Touring L Package" is equipped with the deceleration energy regeneration system "i-ELOOP", which is a maker option, the engine model name will be "S5-DPTR" Becomes Both the maximum output and the maximum torque are the same as the "S5-DPTS" type, but the fuel economy in JC08 mode is improved by 0.2km / l.

2013 DEMIO  2001211006EVE

2015 DEMIO  1912171444EVE

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