Porsche Cayenne

Germany Porsche announced the new SUV "Cayenne"
at the Porsche Museum of Stuttgart Zuffenhausen on 29 August 2017 (local time).
Since its birth in 2002, a cumulative total of more
than 770,000 units have been sold, now Cayenne,
a key model of Porsche, has been fully redesigned
for the first time in seven years and opened to the world for the first time.

In addition to digitizing various equipments,
a number of new axles such as rear axle steering are adopted,
and evolution is omnidirectional.
First of all, the standard model "Cayenne",
and the advanced model "Cayenne S" are lineuped.
The new body size to be the third generation is
total length × full width × total height = 4918 × 1983 × 1696 mm.
Wheel base is 2895 mm. It was 63 mm longer, 25 mm wider, 9 mm lower dimension
than the conventional model.
While the body size has been expanded,
the weight reduction of up to 65 kg has also been realized
from the conventional type.
Although the front design remains strongly ahead of the previous generation,
it emphasizes more sporty, such as the enlarged air intake
and the edge of a horizontally cut headlamp.
To the rear, we adopted a new design,
connecting left and right rear combination lamps with thin LED strips.

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