MAZDA ROADSTER MX-5 wins car of the year japan.

With a clear concept, the splendor that is as a light weight sportscar letting you feel the hot passion of the builder is the place where anyone admits. Furthermore, I continued pursuing pleasure of the driving for 26 years and, since 1989 of the first appearance, appreciated it about the company posture of Mazda which made an effort when I wanted to let true car culture root.

2014-2015 car of the year japan is MAZDA DEMIO.

2013-2014 car of the year japan is VOLKSWAGEN GOLF.

2012-2013 car of the year japan is MAZDA CX-5.

2011-2012 car of the year japan is NISSAN LEAF.

A car of Mazda wins it three times in the past 5 years. The car of Mazda improves. How about Mazda to your next car?

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