Toyota unveiled the concept car "GR HV SPORTS concept"
(the sports concept) worldwide on October 6, 2017,
at the 45th Tokyo Motor Show (period: October 25 - November 5, 2017)
Then announced.
In the GR HV sports concept of "Propose fun of new cars combining sports cars and environmental technologies",
the design that TOYOTA GAZOO Racing recalls the hybrid racing machine
"TS 050 Hybrid" fighting the World Endurance Championship (WEC) Is given.
For specific designs, we will pursue the functionality
as a pure sports car and at the same time adopt parts
that make the TS050 hybrid image, such as LED headlamps, aluminum wheels,
rear diffusers etc, to feel connection with Toyota's motor sports It was made.
Body color is matte black, roof has adopted "Aero top" style which was also set
for Toyota's old sports car "Sports 800" (common name: Yotahachi) and "Supra".
Body size is full length × full width × total height = 4395 × 1805 × 1280 mm,
and the riding capacity is 2 people.
In the interior, a gear position switch is arranged
side by side in the center cluster, directing a lacy atmosphere.
Apart from this, a shift lever is also provided,
and by switching to the manual mode, it is possible to make a gear change gear pattern
like a 6-stage MT car while it is an AT car.

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