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Isuzu Forward is one of our main truck stocks. Have you ever known you can see what type the truck is from the model code? I'd like to introduce some Forward model codes and each meaning. Please make use of searching your truck.

[Model Code]     [Drive-Type]     [Suspension-Type]     [Standard Tonnage]

FRD                   2WD                 Air suspension           4 Ton

Forward's air suspension

FRR                   2WD                 Leaf suspension        4 Ton

FRS                   4WD                 Leaf suspension        4 Ton

FSS                   4WD                 Leaf suspension        5~7 Ton

FTS                   4WD                 Leaf suspension        8 Ton

FV                     4WD                 Leaf suspension        Over 9 Ton

Forward's leaf suspension

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