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Originally developed as a car model exclusively for the North American market, but since it has a distinctive appearance, there are persistent fans in Japan and regular demand was also sought from December 4, 2010 in Japan since the constant demand can be expected. In the Japanese market, the 5-speed AT · 4WD car with right handle specification was introduced. With the introduction of the right handle specification, sales began in Australia on the same left side as Japan as from April 11, 2011, and it was also introduced to New Zealand at the same time. Also on the Korean market, sales began through Korea Toyota in the form of limited sales on December 24, 2013. In the North American market, which is the original supplier, we have finished selling the 2014 model at the end and it is announced in some media that the production will be finished in the Japanese market as long as August 2016, but at the end of January 2018 The Japanese domestic specification continued to be produced continuously. 

It is characterized by an appearance reminiscent of FJ 40 Land Cruiser, as seen in round head lamp, oval grille and unified CI (three ellipses) not TOYOTA logo, white roof etc. The initial planning objective was to develop new profitable new models using Hilux Surf assembly line at Hino and Hamura Plant. "Retro cruiser" combining land cruisers with the expanded body of FJ 45 V (first four doors) on the 100 series chassis, power train produced by Rod Millen in 2000, became a topic and the design concept was decided did. Especially with the reduced front wind shield and boldly built A pillar, it is enhancing the old-fashioned atmosphere. The raised front windshield is a major drawback on the aerodynamic side, but it was regarded as an important point on the exterior and no easy change was taken into consideration. For that reason, I spent a lot of time investigating and experimenting, but it was worth it and it was a satisfactory finish on aerodynamics.

The chassis adopts a ladder frame of the same structure as Land Cruiser Prado and can be said to be a full-fledged SUV. The wheel base is 2,690 mm unique to this model, but the suspension and the drive train are common to Tacoma, 4 runners (Hilux Surf), and Prado. For transfer, the 6-speed MT car is full time 4 WD, the 5-speed AT car is part time 4 WD, and 5-speed AT car only 2 WD (rear wheel drive) can be selected. The drive train has a part in common with the model with 4.0 L (1 GR - FE) engine of Prado, but there is no 2 WD setting in the Prado.

The door for entrance and exit has double doors of pillarless (built in the door) on both sides, the seat belt of the front seat is also incorporated in the back door, and it is structured so that only the back door can not be opened. Including the luggage room floor made of soft material, the interior is waterproof and anti-fouling specification. In addition, parts such as air conditioning switches, inner door handles, shift knobs, which are in contact with the hands are enlarged so as to be easy to operate even with gloves attached.

In addition, the Japanese specification is attached to the side under mirror according to domestic regulations, the lights are also changed. Also added a turn signal lamp (turn signal) to the front fender, and the position of the rear turn signal lamp and the rear license plate entering the dead angle of the spare tire has been changed to the bumper portion, at the same time the rear fog lamp has been added.

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