Aygo X Prologue

On March 17, 2021 (local time), Toyota Motor's European subsidiary unveiled the concept car "Aygo X Prologue," which suggests the next-generation A-segment model for Europe.

The "Aygo" is an A-segment size compact car launched by Toyota for the European market in 2005. If a new model based on the Aygo X Prologue is released, it will be the third generation. ED2 (ED Square), Toyota's European design headquarters, is in charge of designing the Aygo X Prologue. It is explained that by "adding a pinch of hot spice" while keeping the fun and playfulness of the conventional Aigo, the flashiness, individuality, and self-assertion desired by Toyota's new customers have been further strengthened. Unlike the original and current models of the traditional hatchback style, the Aygo X Prologue adopts a crossover style with a bold wedge shape. The individuality is expressed by arranging one line-shaped headlamp that connects the left and right units like a wing. Hexagonal motif grilles, fog lights, and skid plates indicate that the car can go anywhere. In addition, the roof is equipped with an integrated rack that emphasizes the outline of the body, and the rear skid plate is equipped with a bicycle holder. It is also unique that the action camera is built into the door mirror. The body color of the released concept model is "Sparkling Chile Red". Set to realize the concept of spicy, this color has a chili motif, and the tone and balance are evolved by mixing blue metallic flakes with the paint and two-tone with black.