Mercedes-Benz New EQE Electric Vehicle Luxury Sedan Model

Mercedes-Benz will announce the new "EQE" electric vehicle model luxury sedan in September 2021. "EQE" will be announced at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2021 scheduled to be held on September 7, 2021 (local time).

The name "EQE" (codename V295) actually makes sense, and the "EQ" part is what Mercedes uses for the "EV", but the "E" in the name of this car is the E class. It means that they are almost the same. On the other hand, the S named "EQS", which has already announced a prototype, means that it competes in the same segment as the S class. Nevertheless, Mercedes promises an S-class level interior space for the "EQE" thanks to its electrical platform. There is no engine to store, just a small electric motor and battery, there is more space for people in the cabin. Both use the Mercedes electric vehicle platform. Automakers are aiming for a range of 435 miles (up to 700km) of WLTP for the larger "EQS". This aims for a similar amount range for "EQE".