Customer’s movie from Bermuda / NISSAN VANETTE VAN

The customer sent this movie of the NISSAN VANETTE VAN which he bought from us.
We are appreciate so much.

2009Year / 2,000cc / ADF-SKF2VN

This customer is a business owner who is doing electrical work and purchased this NISSAN VANETTE VAN from Japan for use in his work.
The mileage was a little long, but if it is continued to maintain properly, it will be able to use so long time from now.

The Nissan Vanette Van is a minivan with a simple design and a thorough focus on ease of use as a commercial vehicle. The streamlined body has a wide field of view from the driver's seat, making it easy to drive. Since it can be turned in small turns, it can be easily handled even on narrow roads. In addition to the almost square loading space, the side sliding doors and rear gate openings are wide, so tall luggage can be loaded freely. The engine to be installed achieves both light driving performance and excellent fuel efficiency.

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