2021 model of Mazda CX-5 released in Europe

Mazda's European division announced on January 25 that it has released the 2021 model of the "CX-5" (Mazda CX-5) in the European market.

The first CX-5 was launched in 2012. The first Mazda car equipped with both Mazda's spiritual design and SKYACTIV technology is the CX-5. Since then, by continuously updating and improving every part of the vehicle, the CX-5 has grown into a core model that accounts for about 35% of Mazda's annual new car sales. So far, 490,870 units of the CX-5 have been sold in Europe. In 130 countries around the world, a total of about 3.19 million units are sold. Worldwide, the CX-5 has become Mazda's best-selling model.

The 2021 model Mazda CX-5 features improved responsive driving performance, reduced CO2 emissions, improved safety, and upgraded human-machine interface (HMI) technology by updating the engine and transmission. An updated version of a stylish and dynamic SUV will be launched throughout Europe.

The latest HMI was introduced in the 2021 model CX-5. The upgraded HMI system features a faster, clearer 10.25-inch center display. We have expanded the Connect service by making it possible to operate more intuitive commander control operations with the latest "MyMazda" app.

The Connect service includes remote door locks, vehicle viewfinders, remote pre-programming for multiple destinations, vehicle diagnostic reports, dealer contacts and service booking requests, roadside assistance, and security alerts.

In the 2021 model, we aimed for a more environmentally friendly driving experience by improving the powertrain. The engine response linked to the accelerator pedal operation, the improvement of the 6-speed automatic transmission, and the reduction of CO2 emissions were achieved. The 2.2-liter in-line 4-cylinder turbo diesel engine "SKYACTIV-D 2.2" draws a maximum output of 184ps. In the 2021 model, the combination of this diesel engine and drive system FF is possible for the first time.

The 2021 model SKYACTIV-D 2.2-equipped vehicle has the best environmental performance, with fuel consumption of 17.8km / liter and CO2 emissions of 147g / km (both measured by WLTP). In the case of NEDC (New European Cycle), the best specifications are fuel consumption of 20.4km / liter and CO2 emissions of 128g / km.

The 2021 model CX-5 has a special edition called "Homura". Homura is Japanese and means fire or flame. The Homura Special Edition features black exterior and interior, bespoke leather interior with red stitching, and 19-inch alloy wheels. It is said that it will be a model that gives more power and passion to the 2021 model Mazda CX-5.

Mazda's 100th anniversary limited edition car, which was inspired by Mazda's first passenger car "R360 Coupe," will also be added to the 2021 model CX-5. The exterior features a body color of Snowflake White Pearl Cent. The interior is a combination of burgundy leather seats and floor carpets. Mazda's 100th anniversary logo is also placed in various places.

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