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[Sales Performance] NISSAN CARAVAN BUS / 2001year KG-DWMGE25

Nissan Caravan is one of popular Japanese Van which born since 1973 year. The latest model name is NV series (NV200/NV350).

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He is one of our customer from Zimbabwe , and he bought the NISSAN CARAVAN BUS and he sent the photo with message.
First , this Caravan didn't have second seat , so it had first seat.
But it was good engine and running was no problem and the condition was clean.

Year : 2001
Chassis model : KG-DWMGE25
Odometer : 160,000km
Transmission : AT
Engine Size : 3,000cc


KG-DWMGE25 is high roof model. This chassis model is popular in east Africa , and Caribbean countries.
High roof van is high cost for shipping , but it's very comfortable for taxi or transport.

The customer will use it for big taxi in Zimbabwe.
This is good business.
Japanese diesel van's has very toughness engine , so the owner can use so long time even if the van's mileage is over 150,000km.
Therefore , he can make good profit so long time.


I recommend Nissan Caravan than Hiacevan.
Hiacevan is very expensive because it's too popular from all over the world , even Japanese market too.
Nissan Caravan is also popular , but it's not more than Hiacevan. Therefore , the market price is lower than Toyota Hiacevan.
So you can buy Nissan Caravan more easily.

We recommend it.

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