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Customer’s review from Tanzania / ISUZU ELF

The customer sent the photo of the ISUZU ELF which he bought from EVERYCAR.jp

ISUZU ELF / DUMP , NKR81 , 4,800cc , 6HL1 Engine

This engine is very popuar from all over the world.
And this truck is very low mileage , it had just 45,000km !!

Therefore , this ISUZU ELF will be able to using in Tanzania , so long time future.

The ISUZU H engine is an in-line 4-cylinder and in-line 6-cylinder diesel engine with a displacement of 4,000 to 8,000 liters produced by Isuzu Motors.

This engine is characterized by its smooth and powerful cylinder head, which has changed from a conventional push rod type OHV layout to SOHC.

I introduce some ELF engines.
4HF1-N / 4334cc
4HF1 / 4334cc
4HE1-T / 4751cc
4HG1 / 4570cc
4HJ1-N / 4985cc
4HJ1 / 4985cc
4HL1-N / 4777cc
4HL1 / 4777cc
4HL1-TC / 4777cc
4HL1-TCS / 4777cc
4HK1-T / 5193cc
4HK1-TCH / 5193cc
4HK1-TCS / 5193cc
4HK1-TCC / 5193cc
4HK1-TCN / 5193cc

The engine loaded differs depending on the chassis model, so if you want to know the engine model, please ask.

ISUZU ELF is one of Japan's leading light trucks.
After being used in Japan, it can be used in your country for much longer.
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