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FORD TRACTOR 3910 | Customer's review from Tanzania

The customer sent the photo of the FORD TRACTOR 3910 which he bought from

We have also been exporting FARM Tractor for several years and now export used farm equipment used in Japan to many countries around the world. From now on, we will name our tractor division business "EVERY FARM TRACTOR" and export more tractors.

Ford is a European brand, but Ford tractors are also popular in Japan, and some Japanese farmers have been using new Ford tractors for many years. Japanese farmers maintain their tractors well and handle them neatly, so even tractors that have been used for many years are kept in very good condition.

So, if you want a European tractor, please contact us. We can export to you European brand tractors used in Japan from markets all over Japan.

If you are looking for FORD Tractors, please check our list.
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