Engine model of MITSUBISHI FUSO / 4D3 Series

MITSUBISHI FUSO has good engine model 4D3 series.
4D31 / 4D32 / 4D33 / 4D34 / 4D35 / 4D36 etc ,,,
Let me introduce those engine models.

The industrial engine of Mitsubishi Fuso trucks and buses is a world-recognized ability group. The traditional technological capabilities cultivated in automobile engines are utilized in the fields of industrial machinery and construction machinery around the world, and in addition to the basic performance of high output, high torque, low fuel consumption, and low vibration, the ability can be achieved even in harsh environments. It has the durability and reliability to demonstrate.

The 4D3 series engines used in the Mitsubishi Canter and Mitsubishi Rosa are very popular, and trucks and buses with those engines are in high demand all over the world.

4D3 --A small OHV diesel engine developed for passenger cars and the successor to the 4DR diesel engine. Starting with the 4D30 type of 3,298 cc 90 PS installed in the canter in 1978, the 4D31 (3,298 cc 100 PS), which is a direct-injection diesel turbo, and the 4D32 of 3,567 cc 110 PS appeared in 1985. After that, the lineup was expanded to 4D33 (4,214 cc), 4D34 (3,907 cc), 4D35 (4,561 cc), 4D36 (improved version of 3,567 cc / 4D32), and it is still the main engine of Mitsubishi small and medium-duty trucks. It continues to exist. The 4D34T4 was also used in the JASO standard diesel engine lubricating oil valve train wear test (JASO M354: 1999).

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