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Customer’s review from Tanzania / NISSAN CIVILIAN BUS

This is the customer's photo who bought the NISSAN CIVILIAN BUS.

2005Year model / AHW41 / Kindergarten bus

Nowadays , NISSAN CIVILIAN BUS is good price than other models , for example TOYOTA COASTER , ISUZU JOURNEY , etc ,,,
But of course NISSAN BUS is high quality and strong and toughness.

NISSAN CIVILIAN BUS was born 1959 year , it's 70 years ago ! But of course it has undergone many changes for a long time.

This customer was looking for the NISSAN CIVILIAN BUS for children in his city. And now the children are able to use this bus for go to school. Then , they study more and they will be the people who will support Tanzania in the future.

Japanese Used Bus will be able to make many smiles in all over the world.
If you are looking any NISSAN CIVILIAN BUS , please check our list.

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