MITSUBISHI PAJERO | Customer's review from Republic of the Congo

I appreciate EVERY for his service speedy in the responses that the expedition.
Several people have discouraged me any online purchase with unknown people.
It was not easy to believe in EVERY, but I trust in my instinct.
I first tried their contact information;
phone number, skype and email all seem to be correct regarding my views.
I then took the risk to act without saying a word to my family and friends
because I was afraid of being cheating after their many discouragements.
To my great satisfaction, EVERY has always been the first to contact me
to give me information of the car.
I do not feel to be alone or I'm missing information.
I appreciate their willingness to respond at any time
although we have very different time zone.
Believe in EVERY, they are reliable.
Daniel Kalala
Photo 053


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