Toyota unveils the new "Yaris", a new "Vitz"

On October 16, 2019, Toyota Motor unveiled the new Yaris, which will be officially announced in December of the same year. The release date is scheduled for February 2020.

Yaris is a compact hatchback developed globally by Toyota. It has been sold in Japan under the name of “Vitz” so far. This new model is the 4th generation from the first generation born in 1999. Its mission is to break down the traditional hierarchy due to the size of the body, and to make it a good “good car” even if it is small. Therefore, he changed his mind and decided to use the name of Yaris in Japan.

The core of such a new model is the new development platform "GA-B" for compact cars. Combining this with a zero-based engine, hybrid system, transmission, and suspension, we aimed to become a “classless next-generation car that surpasses the existing concept of people”.

All 12 body colors are set. The image colors are red and pink.

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