We have good bus in our stock now. This is old MITSUBISHI AERO MIDI bus. The engine is the popular 6D15. There are 29 seats, the inside space is large, and the seats are comfortable to sit in. There is also an air conditioner on the ceiling.

Aero Midi is a brand of medium-sized (some small) buses for Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus.

MJ has been integrated into MK in order to meet the standard specifications of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism for 9m non-step buses for routes in accordance with the new emission regulations. The medium-sized 7m non-step bus (MJ) for routes, which was in high demand for community buses, has been discontinued. Due to exhaust gas regulations, all models were temporarily discontinued in August 2007, received OEM supply from UD Trucks (formerly Nissan Diesel) from January 2008, and re-sold as Aeromidi-S until August 2010. It was manufactured. Due to the dissolution of Nishi-Nippon Shatai Kogyo in August 2010, the Aero Midi-S was discontinued.

After a blank period of about one year from the end of production of Aero Midi-S, it was announced on December 7, 2011 that production of 9m for routes would be resumed. The combination of Mitsubishi and genuine car body has been revived for the first time in about 4 years. From September 6, 2012, a new model that complies with ECE regulations was released.

As for the transmission, a 5-speed FCT (finger control transmission) and a torque converter type 5-speed automatic transmission were set for the route bus, but since the resumption of production in 2012, only the 6-speed FCT has been available. 6-speed power shift (rod shift) is standard for sightseeing buses. A 6-speed FCT and a torque converter 5-speed automatic were also available as manufacturer options.

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