Customer's T-shirts in Zambia / HINO RANGER

This Customer bought this HINO RANGER TRUCK and get our original T-shirts.

He was very happy with the HINO RANGER TRUCK.
The next order for this customer has not yet been decided, but when he introduces some customer to us , he will get his agent commission.
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The HINO RANGER TRUCK is a Japanese-made truck that has become particularly popular these days.
It has a strong engine, can be purchased at low cost, and can be used for a long time on rough roads with no infrastructure.

He will surely be able to take advantage of this truck to earn his livelihood and work for a long time.
It is our pleasure that trucks that have been active in Japan for a long time have been active for a long time since we went to Zambia, and we are truly pleased that Japanese trucks are useful for our customers' lives. think.

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