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EVERY Co Ltd is working for SDGs.
Today , let me introduce how can we work for SDGs Goal 5 : CLEAN WATER AND SANITATION.

More than 600 million people can not access the world's safe drinking water, under the age of five or nearly 1,000 people daily, kill due to water and sanitation-related illnesses worldwide.
People living in poor areas spend their time fetching water. Moreover, the water that I have drawn is very dirty and not good for my body.

So how do we work for this issue ?
There are two ways to get clean water to those people.

1.Water tank truck
It means that we export water tank trucks from Japan and local companies regularly carry clean water to them. Of course, government support is needed, but this will improve the health of people living in clean waterless areas and increase their work. And then the poor people will do their job and deliver more water.

2.Dig a well
Two years ago, I went to Cambodia and saw poor areas. It takes 4 hours to return to get water. You can't work, you can't buy food, or send your children to school. However, there were only a few wealthy homes in the area. Why is that? The people in the house used the wells to get clean water, grew food with that water, and sold it to live. This also requires government assistance, but the technique for digging wells is very easy, so this is probably an important method.

I have a better knowledge of these two approaches, but the solution to this problem through business is that we send cheap, good quality Japanese used trucks and buses to poor areas.

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Good school bus will make many smiles.
We will continue to work for SDGs Goal 5 : CLEAN WATER AND SANITATION

Thank you so much.
Best regards,

CEO Watabe

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