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HINO RANGER Freezer truck | Customer's review from Zambia

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The Hino Ranger is a very popular medium-duty truck and is supported by many users. The 5th generation model in particular has attracted attention for its evolution and features. This article details the appeal of the Hino Ranger 5th generation and its evolution.

[Launch of the 5th generation model]
In December 2001, the Hino Ranger underwent a full model change and made a new start as the Ranger Pro. This model was the first in the midsize truck class to adopt bumper-embedded lower headlights. This new design was shared with the later Grand Profia and the second generation Selega.

[Environmental Initiatives]
In September 2002, a low-emission LE-type vehicle was introduced, which won the Good Design Award. In April 2003, the lineup of air suspension vehicles was expanded to include ultra-low PM vehicles. This has strengthened the truck's aspect as an environmentally friendly truck.

[Evolution of Technology]
In 2004, minor changes were made and all models were equipped with direct injection common-rail intercooler turbocharged engines; the J05D, J07E, and J08E were changed to the J05D, J07E, and J08E, which were certified as having ultra-low PM emissions of 85%. The lineup of hybrid and 4WD models was also expanded to meet a variety of needs.

The 5th generation Hino Ranger is a model that has evolved in many aspects, including its design, environmental performance, and technological advancement. Expectations are high for further evolution of the HINO 500 Series in the future.

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