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Customer’s review from Tanzania / MITSUBISHI CANTER TRUCK

This is the customer's photo who bought the MITSUBISHI CANTER TRUCK

1999Year / FE667EV / 4D33 engine

The 4D series engine of MITSUBISHI is one of most popular engine.

Especially 4D32 engine and 4D33 engine are pupular.
But there is no engine model information in our stock page , so please check the below inormation if you are looking for 4D32 or 4D33 engine model.

Chassis model for 4D32 engine :
FE305B / FE315B / FE325 / FE335 / FE355E / FE425E / FE435 / FE445 / FG335 etc

Chassis model for 4D33 engine :
FE637 / FE63CE / FE667E / FE70CB / FE71CB / FE72C / FE73C / FE82C / FE83CE / FG327B / FG337 / FE437E / FG507B / FG537B etc

This customer was looking for more some same similar CANTER which has 4D33 engine.
If you are looking for any CANTER which has 4D32 or 4D33 or any other MITSUBISHI CANTER , please let us know.
And there are many MITSUBISHI CANTER in our list now.

[List of all MITSUBISHI CANTER TRUCK] (*Click to open)

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Thank you so much.
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CEO Watabe

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