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Lean About Warning Lumps!

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Our prefecture, Niigata is one of areas of heavy snowfall in Japan. It’s dangerous very much if your car got down on a snowy road at night. Warning lumps notice you if any problem caused on your car.

[Lump color means each degree of danger]

Generally red colored lumps mean biggest problems. Stop your car at the nearest safe place immediately and check your car.

Yellow/Orange colored lumps mean smaller problems than red lumps. But it’s better to maintain your car as soon as possible.

Green colored lumps are not warning lamps. They turn on when devices are working.

Blue colored lump turn on when head lights lights high-beam.

[Main warning lumps & meanings]

engineEngine control system has a problem.

fuelFuel tank is empty.

abs ABS system has a problem.

airbagSRS Air bag system has a problem.

batteryBattery has a problem.


Parking brake hasn’t been released. Brake fluid is not enough. Brake booster has a problem.

dansen Tail light bulb dead.

doorDoor isn’t closed.

haikiThe exhaust air temperature is too high.

oilEngine oil isn’t enough. Engine oil pressure is too low/high.

seatbeltSeat belt isn’t secured.

Enjoy safe driving!




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