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New stock introduction / TOYOTA HIACE COMMUTER


This Hiace commuter stock is from local care nursing company which is in our city.

[What is "Hiace Commuter" ?]
This model is bigger size than Toyota Hiace van and wagon.
Hiace Commuter is used for ambulance and big taxi and school bus etc because it can put more people than Hiace model. Maximum seater is 15 , so it's largest car!
And there are diesel model or petrol model. Of course both model are so popular in Japan and all over the world.
This model is started from 1989 Year. And it's making still now.

We sent so many Hiace commuter in all over the world. Their all customer can use the Hiace commuter for a long time.
It's so toughness and strong.

We are advertising our car buying system for Japanese user market. Therefore , our most stock are from local user or local company. And then we check and maintenance all condition and export. This is our special car buying system !

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