Sienta is a compact minivan that debuted in 2003. It is small in size but has a 3-row seat, allowing it to be used by 7 people. The rear seats use slide doors on both sides. In some grades, the passenger side is electrically powered and the driver side is optional. The emblem attached to the center of the bonnet tip is a curve representing the initial letter S, with seven points on the left and right representing the "7" from which the car name was derived.

The platform includes an NBC platform for the CP20 fan cargo, a second row and third row seat, and a loaded rear, the MC platform for the E120 series Corolla Spacio and different platforms in front and back. The rear tread is 20 mm wider than the front by selecting the one for the Corolla Spacio on the top of the rear platform, making it a rare foot circumference configuration for this class of FF-based vehicles.

The engine is only a 1 NZ-FE in-line 4-cylinder 1,500 cc engine. The VVT-i compatible roller locker arm type DOHC 16 valve for FF vehicles and the VVT-i compatible direct striking type DOHC 16 valve for 4 WD vehicles have different maximum output and maximum torque. The transmission is CVT for FF vehicles and 4-speed AT for 4WD vehicles, and the mechanism for FF vehicles is a low resistance high efficiency type. The 4WD car has secured the same range as the FF car by increasing the capacity of the gasoline tank by 3 liters against the fuel efficiency deterioration due to mechanical loss and weight increase.

2007 SIENTA 1904041310EVE

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