New grade characterized by "Black Accents" in "TOYOTA 86"

TOYOTA announced on September 4, 2017 that some improvements will be made to "86" and will be released on October 4.

In this improvement, in addition to strengthening the support rigidity of the steering mechanism, the direct feeling of handling was improved by reviewing suspension tuning etc.

As a new grade, side mirrors, rear spoilers, and aluminum wheels were painted in black, as well as the "GT" limited black package "equipped with the Brembo brake as standard.
For Brembo brakes, we are also expanding the settings, and in addition to the above-mentioned GT "Limited Black Package" and "GT" Limited "with option settings," GT "and" G "can also be selected Respectively.

Besides this, GT and GT "Limited" improved the texture by using genuine leather as a shift selector.

For body color, as new color, "Solid gray" was set for a limited time until February 2018.

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