Toyota and Subaru agree on joint development of EV

Toyota and Subaru announced that they have agreed to jointly develop an electric vehicle (EV) dedicated platform for medium and large sized passenger cars and a C segment class SUV type EV.

The two companies plan to sell jointly developed vehicles under their respective brands, and will take on the challenge of creating attractive products by incorporating Toyota's electrification technology and Subaru's 4WD technology.
Since Toyota and Subaru agreed to a business partnership in 2005, co-developed FR sports cars "Toyota 86" and "Subaru BRZ" were launched in 2012, and in 2018 Subaru adopted Toyota's electrification technology We have deepened cooperation in various fields such as development, production and sales, such as bringing the plug-in hybrid “Cross Trek Hybrid” to market in the US.
The partnership is in the area of ​​powertrain electrification, which is urgently required for automakers, and the two companies bring their technologies to each other and accelerate their commercialization by collaborating possible parts. While jointly developing an EV-only platform.

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