On August 19, 2021, Subaru announced the "Forester," a middle-sized SUV that has undergone major improvements.

Improvements in running, design, equipment and all directions

The Forester is a Subaru SUV that pursues highly efficient packaging, ease of handling, and high functionality, and the current model is the fifth generation model that appeared in June 2018.

With this improvement, the front face and aluminum wheels have been changed to a design that emphasizes more power. In terms of driving, the suspension has been improved to achieve a drive feel that is both supple and sporty, and adaptive shift control "e-active shift control" has been added to all vehicles equipped with the electric powertrain "e-BOXER." Adopted.

The preventive safety and driving support system has also been renewed to "New Generation EyeSight", and the performance and functions have been expanded by widening the angle of the stereo camera and improving the software.

The new functions and equipment including these are as follows.

New Generation EyeSight
Array type adaptive driving beam
Newly designed front face (bumper, grille, headlamp)
Newly designed 18 inch aluminum wheels
Roof rail with rope hole (expanded to all grades)
Genuine leather seat (nappa leather)
Adaptive shift control "e-active shift control" (expanded grades adopted)
"X-MODE" (new function added, control change)
Driver monitoring system "gesture control function"

The lineup and price are as follows.
Touring: 2,937,000 yen
X-BREAK: 3,080,000 yen
Advance: 3,179,000 yen
Sports: 3,300,000 yen

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