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New year of EVERY CO LTD (13th) was started !

The financial month of EVERY CO LTD is August.
Therefore , our company's year is from September to August on next year.
We started this company since 2006year.
So now , our company's 13th was started from this month.

The slogan of 13th is "Let's go to the next stage".
Now , we are concentrating for Japanese used truck and bus (Of course as usual we can export any private car too).
Japanese used trucks and buses are so strong and toughness , so our customers of truck or bus will be able to use the truck or bus so long time.
Therefore , Japanese used trucks and buses are making so many smile in their city.

We will challenge to make new service and support for customer's smile. So our "next stage" will be make more customers and more smile.

If you are looking for any Japanese used truck or bus , and any car , please let us know.

Best regards,


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