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Record of business trip / Nigeria , Lagos

I visited to Nigeria , Lagos , on this 1 week.
This is the first time to visit to west Africa.
We had no customers in west Africa for Japanese Used vehicle cause by handle (West Africa market is left hand , but Japanese Used vehicle is right hand).
But now , I could find big dream and big chance in this trip.
We can make many smiles in west Africa too.

I could confirm that all African are needed Japanese quality.
So we will be able to make big business and big support to west Africa too.
How ?
I don't decided yet , but I decided to make many smiles in west Africa because they can help us so many times.
So now I like the all people in west Africa
You're gonna love it.

West African market are needed left hand drive vehicles. But Japanese used vehicles are right handle.
Therefore if you have or if you want to sell left hand vehicles to west Africa , please let me know.
I think I can find many customer in the market.

Best regards,

CEO Yuichiro Watabe

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