Do you know TOYOTA MEGA CRUISER? This car is like a Japanese hammer. It appeared in January 1996 as a civilian use of a high mobility vehicle for the Ground Self Defense Force. The price is 9,620,000 yen (9,800,000 yen after 1999 when the engine was changed), including various expenses will be 10,100,000 yen (option), In Japanese cars excluding trucks and buses, it was located in the highest price class. MEGE CRUISER's production ended in 2001 and only 132 units were produced. 

This car is very rare and hard to find it in Japan now. This Red MEGA CRUISER is high roof and with full option roof carrier, rear radder. Odometer is only 18,000km. Although this car is expensive, the number of production is also very small, and it is very worthwhile. Please do not miss this precious opportunity.  We are waiting your inquiry.

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