[Sales records] MITSUBISHI ROSA BUS / 2002year model / BE63EG

This MITSUBISHI ROSA BUS was ordered from one of our customer in East Africa.

Chassis model : BE63EG
Engine model : 4M51

It was used for kindergarden.

MITSUBISHI ROSA BUS is one of most popular Japanese bus.
Regarding the Used bus market price , ROSA is cheaper than TOYOTA COASTER.
Therefore , if your budget is tight , I recommend to buy ROSA.

MITSUBISHI ROSA BUS was born 1960 year , and this is 4th model.
And this model has also 4WD (Chassis model : BG64EG).
And if you are looking super long body , the chassis model is BE64DJ.

MITSUBISHI ROSA BUS is used for specific buses , small route buses , city buses, it is also used as a base car for camper cars , and it was the only vehicle in the minibus that won the Good Design Award in 1987.

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