Model change only for the first half??

I will introduce a new stock.


As you all know, Mitsubishi Delica, Nissan Vanette will be OEM(original equipment manufacturer) Model of this vehicle.

The manual car of 4WD is a part-time type with a 2nd speed sub transmission in the transfer,
while old-fashioned but a small commercial vehicle that adopts a full-scale low range in the current Japanese car is only this car.

In addition, we have a device called DPF(diesel particulate filter) to respond to Japanese emission regulations.
Periodic maintenance is required for this device called DPF in order to maintain performance.
If this maintenance is inadequate, it will cause the engine to malfunction,
so if the engine is in bad condition maintenance may be corrected if you do maintenance.

Also, after model change of the engine, a common rail type electronically controlled injection pump is equipped.
The common rail type is also called "pressure accumulation type", pressurization of fuel is performed by a supply pump,
and injection control is performed by an electromagnetic type injector by an ECU.
Since the injection control is performed by each injector separately from pressurization,
the pump side has been released from unreasonable cam lift and injection control.

This model is the fourth generation model.
The shape has not changed much, but engine parts such as engines are evolving very much.

If you are looking for Mazda Bongo, we definitely recommend this model after the engine's model change.

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