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Stock Introduction : Nissan Skyline 250GTM


This Nissan Skyline is from local end user. The user used this one for long time and there is only one owner.

Nissan Skyline is best popular model of Nissan.
Especially GTR is very popular , it's started from Nissan Skyline.
Now , used GTR model is too expensive still now , even old model.
For example , 1990-1992year Used GTR is over 10000US$ !!
I can't believe why is it so expensive !
But GTR is special car for Japanese car fun.


This is oldest Nissan Skyline GT-R , it was born 1969 Year.
GT-R story was started from this model.

Unfortunately our stock Nissan Skyline is not GT-R model.
But good model , it's 250GTM.
6 piston , 2500cc , VQ25DD engine.
and it's so good fuel consumption beacuse it's able to run 12 km pear 1 litter.
And , too reasonable price. FOB price is only 700US$ !.

Details : https://www.everycar.jp/nissan/skyline/2002/670852/

If you can not buy Skyline GT-R model , I recommend this model.
Because the car model is same , it's Skyline.
It's best popular Nissan Car !

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