Normally, the summer tire worn on a car can run on a dry road surface or a wet road surface, but it is dangerous to slip on a snowy road or a frozen road surface.
Studless tires were developed for safe driving in winter.

Studless tires are designed to grip even on snowy or frozen road surfaces, so it is an item that must be there in order to travel safely in a car in the area where snow falls.

Early developed studless tires were not something that could be used on snowy roads very much.
They tried trial and error.
After repeated improvements, studless tires featuring characteristics of each manufacturer were completed.

It has high water absorbency (idea of ​​removing moisture as ice becomes slippery when wet) There are things that grip on frozen roads, things that made natural spikes using walnut etc. instead of spikes .
However, do not overstage the studless tires. Even normal tires on dry road will spin easily if runaway. It is a thing to run safely for snow cover and frozen road to the last.


BLIZZAK VRX have much more variety than REVO GZ、REVO 2.

"VRX" take different characteristics excellent integrated performance.
①ICE brake ... safely-stop on icy road
②GOOD MILEAGE ... easy to roll over of tire
③WET ... safely-stop and turn on wetty road
④ICE cornering ... easy to make a curve turn on icy road
⑤SNOW ... safely-stop and turn on snowy road
⑥DRY ... easy to run dry road

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