Hello, This blog introduced "Tokyo Auto Salon" before.

It was the number of 324,400 guests this year in three days.

I paid attention to the parking area which a guest used today.

Because it is a big event, the car which a guest gets into varies.


TOYOTA HIACE is very popular in Japan.

There is much customization to add the big body kit such as the photograph to.

There is a big wing as I greatly jump out of a roof among them.


It is TOYOTA ALFARD to be popular almost as same as a HIACE.

The ALFARD customizes the inner for headlight, and it is popular to put on the air suspension of after-market parts.

There are many things attaching a body kit of neo-futuristic molding to.


It is TOYOTA PRIUS to be high in popularity in a sedan.

Because it is a hybrid car, it is fuel-efficient, and it is attractive one in Japan that a tax is low.

The customization that was strongly conscious of American street-style like the PRIUS of the photograph is popular.


A sportscar on behalf of Japan is these two.

It is the car model that a chief character got on in American movie "The Fast and The Furious".

The model that the TOYOTA SUPRA was equipped with 2JZ engine is popular.

A model called "GT-R" where NISSAN SKYLINE carried RB26DETT engine is popular.

It is the car which was developed to run at a circuit fast both.

However, the vehicle considered to be it has many dress-ups in Japan.

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