American Military Truck

We can now export US military trucks in Korea. FMTV (Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles) is the name for the military 2.5t and 5t truck series developed in the United States as a successor to the M35 2.5t truck and the M939 5t truck.

FMTV is the Stewart and Stevenson, which was adopted in a program (Medium Tactical Truck Replacement, MTTR) to update two models of the M35 2.5t truck and M939 5t truck used by the United States Army with a unified model. This is a truck series developed by the company. It was originally developed in the United States by the Steyr 12M18 military truck, originally developed by Steyr Daimler Puch in Austria.

A 4x4 wheel drive 2.5t truck type and a 6x6 wheel drive 5t truck type were developed from a common chassis, including basic cargo truck types, dump truck types, shop van types, tractor types, etc. Various variants have been developed. One of its features is that it is a cab-over truck instead of the bonnet truck that was common in previous U.S. military trucks, such as the M35 and M939. As with the M939A2 "Big Foot" series, it also comes standard with an automatic air pressure adjustment system (CTIS, Central Tire Inflation System).

The name of the whole series is called "FMTV", while "LMTV" (Light Medium Tactical Vehicles) refers to 4x4 wheel drive 2.5t truck type vehicle, 6x6 wheel drive 5t truck type vehicle It is also called "MTV" (Medium Tactical Vehicles).

In 2006, Stewart and Stevenson's Tactical Vehicle Systems division was taken over by Armor Holdings, and production of FMTV was transferred to Armor Holdings. In 2007, Armor Holdings became part of BAE Systems Land and Armaments, a subsidiary of BAE Systems. Since 2011, it has been produced by Oshkosh.