TOYOTA HIACE VAN QDF-KDH201V | Used Car exported from Japan to Uganda

The Toyota Hiace Van: Driving Uganda's Growth

Robust, Reliable, and Ready for Uganda's Roads

EVERY Co Ltd Bridges Borders with the Toyota Hiace Van

We're delighted to announce that EVERY Co Ltd has now exported the dependable Toyota Hiace Van QDF-KDH201V with a 3,000cc 1KD engine to Uganda. This event marks another chapter in our mission to connect global needs with quality Japanese vehicles.

Why Uganda Chooses the Toyota Hiace Van

In Uganda, the Toyota Hiace Van holds a special place. It fulfills the essential demand for a reliable vehicle that can handle both the bustling city streets and the challenging rural landscapes. The 1KD engine model, in particular, is sought after for its blend of power and fuel efficiency, making it a wise choice for businesses and transport operators.

A Closer Look at the Hiace's Capabilities

Diving into specifics, the Toyota Hiace Van QDF-KDH201V features a robust 3,000cc 1KD engine, renowned for its longevity and strength. This powerhouse is a preferred option in the global market, and in Uganda, the 4WD variant, the KDH206V, also enjoys immense popularity. Both models are attractively priced, making them ideal candidates for export from Japan's competitive used car market.

The 1KD Engine: A Global Phenomenon

The 1KD engine-powered Hiace Van has garnered worldwide acclaim. Its reputation for durability makes it a coveted model in Uganda, where both personal and commercial transport needs demand nothing but the best. And with EVERY Co Ltd, access to these high-quality, reasonably priced vehicles is just an order away.

Uganda's Trusted Workhorse: The Toyota Hiace Van

The Toyota Hiace Van represents more than just transportation; it embodies reliability and the drive for progress in Uganda. It's a vehicle that not only meets the demands of today's transport needs but also fuels the aspirations of tomorrow.

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