Toyota, in eight more years to zero new cars only for engines

Hybrid vehicles (HV), plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHV), electric vehicles (HV),
electric vehicles (HV), electric vehicles (EV) and Fuel Cell Vehicle (FCV),
which are based on the development and deployment of electric vehicles,
from the 2020s to 2030.

In 2030, we aim for over 5.5 million electric vehicles
in global sales volume and EV / FCV as zero emission vehicles,
totaling more than 1 million units

By 2025, by expanding electric-powered vehicles such as HV / PHV / EV / FCV and electric grade-setting vehicles
such as HV / PHV / EV, all models selling globally are converted to electric-powered vehicles or electric grade-setting cars .
As a result, the number of models of the engine car alone is zero

Toyota has been actively pursuing the development
and marketing of electric vehicles, and in 1997 released Prius,
which was a pioneer of electric vehicles, and since then has been working on spreading for 20 years.

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