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Why are Japanese used cars most popular in the world ? - Answer No.1


Answer No.1:High quality cause by effort of Japanese car maker

TOYOTA is biggest car maker company in the world. TOYOTA company has "Toyota Production System".
The system is made by culture of "KAIZEN", is mean "continuous improvement".

"KAIZEN" is biggest reason why TOYOTA is able to be No.1 car company. It is supported by these principles.
TOYOTA's every staff is thinking every time how we can make more "KAIZEN".

And they say "why?" 5 times for one exercise and best answer will be able to found.
In this way , TOYOTA cars are most popular in the wolrd.
And NISSAN,HONDA,MITSUBISHI,MAZDA,SUZUKI and other Japanese car maker are same like TOYOTA. Many Japanese company are doing "KAIZEN" everyday.

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