Big Thumb is a big truck that Nissan Diesel Industry (now UD Truck) was once producing. The same car was also produced with the same name at Renault Samsung in Korea. It was released in 1990 as a successor to the Lesna. Long-term production with repeated minor changes, Quon of the successor appears in 2004, was also produced until 2005. The name of a car is a "big thumb" if translated directly, but it has the meaning of "a great father" and "a reliable father". 

Freezer truck (refrigerated truck) are trucks that have a refrigeration (refrigerating) machine inside the load box and that have a thermal insulation structure (loading box). Mostly it is intended for the purpose of transporting fresh foods, goods etc which are frozen (refrigerated) mainly, sometimes it is sometimes to transport medical goods.

As the structure, the specification of the frozen (refrigerating) machine and the construction of the box are specialized to keep the temperature inside the refrigerator low (cool down), keeping it at a constant temperature, the temperature inside the refrigerator is lowered by the freezing (refrigerating) machine Maintaining), the insulation structure box will eliminate the influence of external temperature as much as possible and keep the internal temperature. In addition, classification of "medium temperature" "low temperature" "high temperature (heating function)" can be done by the temperature zone that can be set as a refrigeration (refrigerator) unit.

In addition, a vehicle equipped with a device called a standby unit can move the refrigerator from the AC power supply even while the engine is stopped, and it can be used during cold insulation at night, during transportation of the vehicle by ship You can.

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