Used car pre-export isnpection for Tanzania

TANZANIA BUREAU OF STANDARDS (TBS) has announced the re-commencement of used car pre-export inspection effective July 20 , 2022.

All used cars arriving in the Tanzania will require an EAA certificate of conformity(COC) to comply with import regulations on arrival in the Tanzania (unless shipping documentation verifies the vehicle was shipped prior to the inspection commencement date of 20th of July 2022).

Requirements for a valid EAA certificate of compliance are :

1.Vehicle age limits : N/A
2.Pass a Radiation inspection : Relative to Japan Exports only
3.Emmissions : Must pass an emissions test
4.Roadworthiness Inspection : Conform to Tanzania National Standard (TZS 698:2012)

In Tanzania, pre-ship inspection was mandatory until March 2021, after which it was changed to post-ship inspection. And from this July 20th, pre-ship inspection is required again. I don't know the reason for the details, but it may be that a large number of used cars in poor condition were exported without being inspected in Japan, which hindered the local transportation infrastructure.

After all Japanese inspection is highly reliable. Although strict standards can incur high repair costs, exporting good condition should ultimately please our customers.
We wish to sell more good quality used cars to the world thrugh pre-ship inspection.

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