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Why Japanese Used Cars are so popular ?

More than 1 million used cars are exported from Japan to overseas every year, and those Japanese cars have been active in foreign countries for a long time, but why are Japanese used cars so popular overseas in the first place?
I would like to explain why Japanese used cars are popular all over the world.

There are three main reasons.

1.Low price
In the first place, Japanese used car prices are very cheap compared to overseas prices.
The reason is that Japanese used cars are maintained in a relatively high condition quality , so the cost performance is very good compared to overseas used cars. On the other hand, the switching cycle of Japanese car users is very short compared to overseas countries, and there are more used cars in the market than overseas, so the used car market is always cheap due to the balance of supply and demand.

2.High quality
I mentioned earlier that it is high quality, but the reason for this is the vehicle inspection system and the road conditions in Japan.
The biennial vehicle inspection system (once a year for large vehicles) is a system unique to Japan. We are always able to maintain high quality.
Also, compared to overseas roads, Japanese roads are very well maintained and managed, so even if the mileage is long, you can continue to maintain good conditions.

3.Spirituality of Japanese people
Japan has a culture of valuing things, which is the very spirit of the Japanese people. Cars are used on a daily basis, but it is also a characteristic of the Japanese people to take great care of their beloved “beloved car” and to pay attention to small scratches and dents. Many people overseas don't even care about getting dirty, and Japan has a unique culture in the car wash market.
Japanese take good care of self car and always drive cleanly. This is a manifestation of the Japanese spirituality itself, and is one of the major characteristics of Japanese used cars.

For these reasons, Japanese-made used cars that are "used in Japan" are highly popular all over the world and are exported all over the world every day.

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