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Considering motorization in each country from per capita GDP

Although there are differences depending on the economic environment of each country, it is generally said that motorization (the spread of automobiles) begins in earnest when per capita GDP exceeds 3,000 to 5,000 dollars.

At Every Co., Ltd., we sometimes think about market strategies based on this per capita GDP, but when going abroad, if you do a little research on the country's economic situation in advance, you will see a big difference in the results of your overseas visit. come out. The situation in the country will increase.

Looking at the long history, motorization in Europe began in the latter half of the 1920s, and in Japan from around 1965, private car ownership increased rapidly with the development of highways and rising incomes.

What about now?
Naturally, in developed countries, motorization has stabilized, and the “once-in-a-century automobile revolution” called “CASE”, such as the promotion of EVs and the introduction of self-driving cars, is progressing in anticipation of the future of the earth. Many of the developing countries still have low GDP per capita, and there are many countries where motorization will begin in earnest.

For example, if we look at the per capita GDP of East African countries, where many used cars are exported from Japan, we find the following data.
*As of 2021

Kenya: USD 2,204
Tanzania: USD 1,176
Zambia: USD 1,066
Uganda: 1,000 USD
Congo: USD 608
Mozambique: 500USD

From these figures, even Kenya, one of the leading economic powers on the African continent, has not progressed in motorization yet, and Congo and Mozambique still have a GDP per capita of several hundred dollars.
There are still some unknowns about how the countries of the African continent will achieve economic development in the future, but from the perspective of motorization, it seems that there is still a lot of hidden demand along with economic development.

An increase in the number of automobiles stabilizes the lives of the people and improves the economic strength of the country.
By exporting Japanese used cars to many countries that have yet to see motorization, we would like to contribute to the economic development of those countries.

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