TOYOTA LAND CRUISER 300, which was fully remodeled in August 2021. Despite being a luxury car, the delivery time is several years later, making it an unprecedented hit.

One of the reasons why the new TOYOTA LAND CRUISER 300 is a very popular car is that "the resale value when disposing of the car is very high". In short, in the long run, you can get on one of the top SUVs for a surprisingly small amount of money.

While inheriting the essence of the LAND CRUISER, such as the reliability and durability that allows you to drive on any road in the world with confidence, and the ability to run on rough roads, the new model introduces the latest technology in the first renovation in 14 years. should be the point.

In particular, while maintaining the frame structure that is the cornerstone of the Land Cruiser, the adoption of the new GA-F platform based on TNGA has made significant progress in achieving weight reduction and a lower center of gravity.

What makes a big difference is the vertically thickened front grille. In contrast to the 200 series, which had three extra-thick grill bars as a minor change, the new 300 series has four grill bars, and the blacked-out ducts surrounding the grill give it a dignified appearance. I am directing.

Also, even with the 300 series, the emphasis is on the ability to run on rough roads, which is a tradition of Rankle. It has a unique design.

In addition to the conventional grade system, it has been revealed that LAND CRUISER's first "GR SPORT" version will also be set. Details have not been announced yet, but it has a sporty image similar to other "GR SPORT" versions, with a black mesh grille and matte black decoration on each part.

Since the introduction of the 200 series in 2007, the Land Cruiser has been popular around the world as a flagship model with outstanding performance on rough roads. Therefore, even with the new 300 series, no compromise is allowed in terms of driving performance. Therefore, in the 300 series, the robust and reliable chassis and power unit of the 200 series and more, as well as new technology are generously introduced.

The engine was equipped with a V8 4.6L gasoline engine in the 200 series, but in the 300 series, a V6 twin turbo engine was adopted for both the newly developed 3.5L gasoline and 3.3L diesel, and a V8 4.6L gasoline engine. We are aiming for power performance that greatly exceeds. In addition, the newly developed Direct Shift-10AT (10-speed AT) is adopted for the transmission, which greatly improves drivability from the 6-speed of the 200 series.

3.5L gasoline / V6 twin turbo / 10AT 305kW (415PS) 650N・m
3.3L diesel V6 / twin turbo / 10AT 227kW (309PS) 700N・m

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