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TOYOTA Motor Corporation is the world's top seller of automobiles.
TOYOTA group (including DAIHATSU and HINO) was sold 10,150,000 uits on 2015year and TOYOTA is also a largest shareholder of SUBARU.

Volume sales , profit , and number of employee are biggest company in Japan.

Establishment : 1937 year
CEO : Mr Akio Toyoda
Employee : 330,000 people
Car sales volume : over 10,000,000 units per a year

And there are too many TOYOTA's used car in Japanese market and arround 800,000 units are exporting to oeverseas market per a year.
Also of course most selling brand of our company is TOYOTA because many people loved TOYOTA car's which have best quality and best shape.
And also lowest claim brand is TOYOTA cars. TOYOTA cars are very strong and toughness , so TOYOTA car's owner can use long time.

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