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We recently bought two vans from a company in Niigata city. Both cars are in good condition and still usable. We purchase from end users directly, not from auctions, so we buy cheaply. Since the car is nearby, it can be repaired easily.

2012 VANETTE VAN is good for the Kenyan market. 2012 Sep registration, 1,800cc Petrol, part time 4WD. The body and running condition is good. I think it is easy to pass the QISJ inspection without any problems.

SCRUM VAN is same as SUZUKI EVERY VAN. 2013 SCRUM VAN has AC, PS, WABG, Part time 4WD, MT. Although it is a small car, it can carry a lot of luggage. It is very popular in Japan, and used cars are also traded at high prices.

Please feel free to contact us.

2012 VANETTE VAN  https://www.everycar.jp/nissan/vanette-van/2012/737712/

2013 SCRUM VAN  https://www.everycar.jp/mazda/scrum/2013/737891/

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